Progressive Politics is an open site which welcomes contributions from everyone who is happy to follow our Rules of Engagement (see below).

Progressive Politics is an online journal rather than a purely open blog.and as such this site operates a light-touch editorial policy. Each article will have been approved by the editors.


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Article Contributions

The editors welcome contributions from anyone who has a thoughtful contribution to make in a comradely manner!

We are happy to hear from people who don’t habitually write for blogs or the left press. If you have an idea, an issue you want to raise, or an event that you simply want to promote, please get in touch. We are happy to accept proposals, rough plans and will even help produce a finished piece of writing if you are nervous about it. A lot of people have things to contribute in a wider debate but we appreciate not everyone feels confident in writing.

Please send all finished contributions, ideas or proposals to the editors:


We are happy to accept contributions in .doc or .docx format (Microsoft word), Apple Pages format, Rich Text, Markup, plain text or HTML formats. We would prefer not to have to deal with PDFs but can work with them if they are ‘readable’.

…and finally

We are looking for people who are interested in becoming regular contributors or even who are happy to join an editorial board. Just get in touch!


Andy Howell and Trevor Fisher
Founding Editors