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Prospects 2 – Compass think tank #91 October 2017 With Victory In Sight, Can The British Left Gain Hegemony Anthony Barnett “if for the next five years things remain the current unhappy cabinet … (sic) … the country will be Labour’s…. If things stay as they are, all Labour needs to do is hold its breath, as the government disintegrate….  for the present government is unelectable and Downing Street is certain to become the address of the current leaders of the Labour Party…”

Prospects 1 – Glastonbury 2017 – Corbyn; I Will Be Pm In Six Months Metro 26 6 17 – Observer 25 6 17 – “According to the newsite Somerset Live Michael Eavis* told the audience at a Q&A session:  “Wasn’t (Corbyn) fantastic? I said to him ‘When are you going to be Prime Minister?'” Corbyn had responded ‘in six months'” ….

Internal issues 

Labour List 24th January Momentum Will Not Push For Deselection Of Corbysceptic Mps Insists Chairman “Jon Lansman said the Corbynista group would not try to oust backbenchers who have been critical of Jeremy Corbyn….”Momentum nationally is not going to campaign to deselect any MP and we will stick by that”, he told the Independent. 

Labour List 23rd January 2017 – Mcdonnell And Corbyn’s Enforcer Aim To Kill Off Rumours Of Backbench Deselections  “…Nick Brown, chief whip, rebuffed reports that left wing activists were planning to try to oust dozens of MPs… Brown’s intervention …. came after John McDonnell told a regional daily paper “No one is in a deselection in the Labour Party. People have come together after a fantastic election result”, McDonnell told the Liverpool Echo.

Guardian 16th January 2017 – EDDIE IZZARD SAYS LABOUR INFIGHTING MUST END. “I would urge the NEC and Jeremy and the Labour Party to keep an eye on the prize, the election, lets win it”… he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme….. Izzard’s comments followed an interview earlier on the programme with Paul Mason… who has been a strong supporter of mandatory reselection of MPs, but did not know if the Labour leader shared that view.”



  1. John Hurley says:

    NB note from the Guardian report that momentum has been falling out with their local chairs over selections and supported candidates. Which rather reinforces the points made about the momentum leadership, but also mine about much of the membership in the country. Maybe there is still life in the party democracy wagon, and exposing Momentum (leadership’s) disregard for it.

  2. yes the announcement that Momentum will run 9 candidates for the NEC purging Ann Black and seemingly making no attempt to keep CLPD on board. This is not what we did with CLGA, we had places for different campaigns and independents.

    Whether CLPD will tamely accept the Momentum 9 is going to be interesting. The membership of both Momentum and the Party in the country is going to have to make some choices. Party Democracy is being challenged. Momentum has 36,000 members – Labour 560,000.

    A pointed tail is trying to wag the Labour Dog – all to play for

    Trevor Fisher

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