NEC Goes With The Flow

Any doubt that New Labour shot itself in the foot by putting Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper in 2015 goes to the wall with the NEC nominations for January 2018. THree extra places are up for grabs and in the absence of a regional element there is no doubt Momentum will clean up. The three candidates supported by Momentum and the CLGA (Centre Left Grassroots Alliance) easily outnumber the other 6 candidates in constituency nominations. The figures are:

Yasmine Dar                205

Rachel Garnham          187

Jon Lansman                181


best of the rest are

Johanna Baxter              87

Eddie Izzard                  71

Gurdiner Singh Josan     55


With Nick Donovan (8), Nicola Morrison (7)  and Sarah Taylor (11)  making up the list. There is no sign of any substantial right wing presence and the collapse of a once formidable political formation is confirmed. With the non Momentum people all standing as independents, the question for 2018 has to be whether there is any route back for the non-Corbynistas in the Labour Party? And where is the Centre Left of the CLGA, which as those of us who set it up can testify, was once a balanced platform against a dominant New Labour Machine which chose, over more than a decade, to commit political suicide.

Trevor Fisher 

December 107


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