Without Comment — June 4th — Whatever Happened to Brexit?

Jackie Lukes has already raised her concerns about the absence of Brexit from Jeremy Corbyn’s speeches — An Election Rally in Hull 22 May 2017.  The issue now seems to be worrying seasoned political journalists from across the spectrum.

Here is Matthew Paris writing in The Times (3rd June, 2017)

“On the one thing they actually said they had called the election to settle, silence. Silence too from the Labour Party. And silence from much of the press. … Many of those who cried ‘stay’ are disheartened and many of those why cried ‘leave’ are scared. A third group, however, are key to the silence. There is a tendency to plough on with a bad decision simply because it has already been made…. Only a fifth of British voters now say they’d like to see the referendum result overturned, although about half still think the referendum gave the wrong answer….

…..”I’m one of the 21% of the electorate who still think Brexit is a mistake…. who still cannot see why if something is going wrong you should necessarily proceed….it is possible for the electorate to get something wrong… we can think again… a few millon of us now… will not despair of stopping what May and Corbyn both call unstoppable…..”

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