Without Comment: 30th March 2017

NEC Reports – CLGA Reps

When the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance was set up nearly 20 years ago, one of the informal agreements was that elected representatives would write reports on NEC meetings. Ann Black and Peter Willsman have done so with admirable clarity.

The following are from the March reports- Pete’s can be found in full on the Left Futures site.

Ann Black- (extract)

“Membership stood at 483,000 paying members, with another 40,000 up to 6 months in arrears. The decline seemed to be partly last summer’s joiners dropping out and partly Brexit- related. ..on the bright side, I finally managed to get more money returned to constituencies, up from £1.63p to £2.50 per member… to be implemented ‘as soon as possible’. The value of items paid centrally – election insurance, the Euro-levy, contact creator and a conference pass – had rised from £1.219p to £1.495p, and if membership fell below 300,000 the position would have to be reviewed.”

Pete Willsman (extract)

“Jeremy paid tribute to the unremitting and dedicated commitment of our two campaign teams for the Copeland and Stoke Central by elections. Both teams gave their all and their campaigns could not have done more. The reponse in Copeland was, of course, very disappointing, but our victory in Stoke was very inspiring. The many flaws of the UKIP leader were ruthlessly exposed…

“Copeland and Stoke Central by elections. A detailed breakdown of both by-elections was circulated. This contained voting patters in each of the wards, and also voting figures back to 1983… because Nuttall (UKIP candidate ed) was so discredited, a number of UKIP voters went to the Tories. Without Nuttall, UKIP would probably have done better in Stoke, but our Pinocchio leaflet featuring Nuttall did the business.

“Share of individual membership subs to be allocated to CLPs. Thanks to an unremitting campaign by my CLP’s Secretary (Ann Black), the General Secretary announced that no less than £2.50 per member will be allocated to CLPs. This may need to be reviewed if our party’s membership ever falls below 250,00.”

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