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March Party Survey


6th March – from UK Polling data.

The data published by YouGov indicate that most party members believe Corbyn is doing well. In May 2016 the figure rose to a high of 72% and this fell to 51% rising to 55% in July 2016. The current figures are 51% of paid up Labour members thinking he is doing well, 47% doing badly. A substantial proportion of members joined after the EU referendum, in which Corbyn led a pro-EU campaign, but from the headline figure it is not clear what the proportion is.

On whether he should fight the next General Election, 47% thought he should last August but this is down a little to 44% – not statistically significant.

As with other parties, the leader is given a protected view of the world by his party supporters, something that last happened when Ian Duncan Smith was Tory leader and may now be happening in the Lib Dems to Tim Fallon – and even Nick Clegg who has apparently been forgiven the 2015 election disaster.

On the loss in Copeland, while 85% of Owen Smith supporters thought Corbyn was responsible for the loss, but among his supporters anything but Corbyn was seen as responsible – only 14% of his supporters thought Corbyn was to blame, 46|% blamed the media and Tony Blair’s speech was blamed by 35%

Scots Voting Intentions

UK Polling published in the first week of March the current poll data for the local government elections in Scotland in May, which gives topline figures of SNP – 46%, Tory 19%, Labour 17%, Green 8%, Lib Dems 6%

Times 21 02 17 Scottish section

Susan Aitken, leader of the opposition at Glasgow City Council, has called for a review of the local authorities conduct. Brian Devlin resigned from his £120,000 a year position as the council’s executive director of land and environmental services.

A ‘truth and reconciliation’ investigation will be established in Scotland’s largest local authority if Labour loses power in May. Opposition parties have called for an independent inquiry into claims of ‘institutional misconduct’ within Glasgow City Council.

Labour has held control of the city for almost 40 years, but polls suggest it is likely to be ousted by nationalists in the forthcoming elections. The SNP’s call for an external inquiry – amid claims of a culture of cronyism, backroom deals and malpractice – has been backed by the Conservatives, Greens and Liberal Democrats.

Labour has described it as a ‘populist’ pre-election stunt.

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