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Corbyn — Working with the Tories proposed

Daily Telegraph 22nd February 2017

“Labour are drawing up plans to work with Theresa May over Brexit, according to reports. Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior aide has urged the leadership to take a ‘constructive approach’ that will risk the party ‘getting our hands dirty’ by not voting against the government, a leaked memo has revealed. 

“The email was sent to Seamus Milne, the leadership’s head of strategy and communications, by the former Labour Chief Whip Rosie Winterton. The memo, which admits that Labour is not currently ‘facing up to what the detailed agreements should look like’ after Brexit, followed a meeting of Mr Corbyn’s top team on Monday night (20th February, TF).

“It warns that Labour ‘will have to acknowledge that immigration has caused friction in some areas’ and must not be ‘simply be seen to be opposing everything that the government does’. The Email obtained by the Sun states that Labour must instead ’emphasis our constructive approach’ that would ‘show leadership’.

Cyber Wars

From Left Futures

Bazza on February 26th at 2.19

“Just before the last General Election, I and others were posting pro-Labour messages on the BBC Website but an unusual pattern was beginning to emerge. After each Labour comment half a dozen pro-Tory comments would instantly appear,

“Nothing perhaps unusual about this but the anonymous monikers were not the usual social media types but were by ‘Bill’ or ‘George’ or ‘Fred’ etc, and I was suspicious…. It was only on the Saturday after the election … that there was an article by a US Democrat social media guru (US Democrat??? TF) who told us he had been paid 200k or so by the Tories to help them be posting fake comments…

“Then today (26 2 17) the Observer reports on the US billionaire funding ‘Cognitive Warfare’ on the internet – it is claimed a company called ‘Cambridge Analytical’ helped the Leave campaign for free. What they do is check the public’s Facebook pages and make individualised appeals to voters pushing the right emotional buttons so the question is are the Tories doing this…..”

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