January 15th


Jamie Reed MP (for the moment) Guardian December 21st 2016

“Currently any single issue and every single policy area in Westminster is tangled up in Brexit. All roads lead to Brexit. The truth is that for many communities… there are issues which need to be sorted out and resolved before Brexit can be resolved. We can’t wait for ever to get where we want to be …”


Independent Letters

“I couldn’t disagree more with Nigel Morris (5th Jan). The Blairite who held the seat, Jamie Reed, walked out for a big money job, voted Remain while most of his constituents voted Leave, and consistently slated his twice elected leader. Reed is no loss. Even if Labour loses the seat, Jeremy is going nowhere”. Steven McNamara Middlesborough.


Labour Uncut

O ye of little faith! Jeremy is going to be the next Prime Minister. Anyone who thinks differently is a Tory.Forlornehope.


The Big Picture

Woody Harrelson in the Guardian

“Of course we live in a completely corrupted world where every government is just a bunch of businessmen working for a bunch of bigger businessmen and not one of them gives a shit about the people. The sad fact is that no-one knows how to change it because no one knows how to take on the corporations. So I guess we’re stuck with this system till the oil runs out”.

From Speak for England – Martin Pugh, Vintage  2011.

“The party’s perenniel problems with leadership have been a significant impediment to its success. Basically the party tends to pick the wrong leaders, and in complete contrast to the Conservative Party, tends to retain them well past their sell by date”.



“We tend to forget that local government is also a cornerstone of freedom, as every dictator realises when, on getting into power, he (sic) abolishes it. Napoleon in France, Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany”.. Henry Morris in 1943, quoted Harry Ree (Ed) The Henry Morris Collection, 1984

The Watson Factor

Len McLuskey – Metro 29 9 16

“The General Secretary of Unite, Labour’s biggest donor, said Tom Watson’s speech on Tuesday, which praised Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, was ‘the politics of yesteryear… I don’t think he has much to offer. He had a great  opportunity yesterday to reach out and he didn’t even mention Jeremy once.”

Watson re Corbyn

Wolverhampton Express and Star 4th January 2017

“Tom Watson’s comment that he is not consulted by Jeremy Corbyn on party strategy should set alarm bells ringing among Labour Supporters….The Deputy leader has a wealth of experience for his boss to draw on, and you would expect under normal circumstances that his input would be considered vital. However these are not normal times as far as the Labour Party is concerned ….Mr Corbyn was comfortably re-elected as leader, albeit against extremely weak opposition in the shape of Owen Smith. ..His decision to sideline his deputy points to a future for a Labour Party that remains anything but united.”


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