Surge Politics: The Word Turned Upside Down


The first in an occasional series of publications that look at the challenges facing Labour as it moves forward.

‘Surge Politics’ begins to look at those new voters who came to us at the last General Election. The pamphlet looks at the real data of the electoral stats, brings together comments from political commentators and begins to discuss the implications for the campaigns of the future.

Contributors: Trevor Fisher (Editor), Ravi Subramanian, David Pavett and Andy Howell



June 8th gave Labour a welcome surge in support. How can this be built on?


Labour has an increased membership but now has to persuade a very broad range of voters to

back progressive politics. What voters would be needed to make up a winning political alliance? What techniques, ideas and activities can bring this about? How can Labour hold it together?


Strategy in Focus #1 starts a discussion on the techniques, terrain and nature of  the challenges

facing Progressive Politics with contributions from Andy Howell, Trevor Fisher and Ravi Subramanian. The June 8th result proved that surges are a fact of life. In 2015 the Scots National Party was the big winner. In 2017 Labour was the big winner. But the Tories gained votes though they

lost seats and their Common majority.


The next election will be won by the party which wins over new voters. The challenge now is to analyse the results of recent elections. The probe must been deep and thorough. This Pamphlet is only a first step towards doing this, but addresses the most immediate lessons of the election and invites colleagues to get involved in analysis and debate.


The pamphlet reprints in full the Labour Co-ordinating Committee pamphlet of 1983 which is still the only election analysis produced by a grassroots Labour Organisation. How can the  current Labour grassroots do better?


Essential reading for the debate on how to build a progressive majority, the PDF of Surge

Politics is available from ProgPol – just use the surgepolitics download order page. The download is free but please order using the shopping cart in the usual way.


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