Birmingham Meeting with Ann Black NEC Candidate

Progressive Politics will be holding a special meeting on July 27th with Ann Black who is restanding for her position on the NEC. Ann will be talking about the need for clear and independent voice on Labour’s ruling body and reflecting back on her 20 year involvement in the NEC. It will also be your chance to ask Ann about the work of the NEC and about issues it is currently grappling with.
The meeting will be held on Friday 27th July at 7.00 pm, at the 1000 Trades bar in Frederick Street Birmingham. The venue location is here:
The meeting is free and open to all but it would helpful if those attending filled in our booking form here

Ann Black – Independent and Left

Ann Black is seeking re-election to the NEC,Ann has served on the NEC since 2000 and the national policy forum since 1998. She was elected on the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance at every previous election. Ann has been a voice for commonsense left politics throughout. She is accountable and transparent, and has reported after every meeting for 20 years.

Ann’s politics remain on the left after 20 years serving our party, and she believes that it’s great to have a leader who shares them. Ann has voted consistently against austerity, selective education, the Iraq war and Trident, and for public services, fair taxation, decent pensions and social security benefits, restoring council funds, and large-scale social housing. 

Ann has worked consistently for party democracy. Together with the unions Ann achieved one-member-one-vote elections for national policy forum CLP representatives, against the wishes of the then leadership, and its extension to the conference arrangements committee. Ann steered the women’s conference towards formal debate in 2017, with votes on motions this year and a free-standing women’s conference next spring.

Ann has consistently stood up for ordinary members and has been the friend of constituency party secretaries who haven’t been able to get help or information from the National Party. Ann doesn’t just believe in openness and transparency but shown bravery to achieve it for members and local parties across the country.

If you don’t want more of the same old slates winning all the seats on the constituency section of the NEC. If you want an independent voice for the NEC then come and hear Ann at the 1000 Trades, Frederick Street in the Jewellery Quarter.

The event is free entry but it would help you you registered your attendance using our booking link:


The Founding Open Labour Conference

11th Saturday of March, 2017.

12.00 am until 4.00 pm

Haverstock School, 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London. NW3 2BQ

(20 yards from Chalk Farm Tube station on the Northern Line)


Open Labour launched last year,to bring together thinkers and activists across the left ‘at a time of crisis’. Open Labour aims to build a left “which is broad, relevant and can win”.

Rather than launch with a blaze of publicity Open Labour has chosen to carefully construct its alliance and programme through a series of regional meetings. Now, Open Labour has announced its membership structure and is convening its first, full, national conference.

Open Labour is now open for membership applications. Initial annual membership is fixed at £20 or £15 for the unwaged, which includes the booking fee for the conference. Membership without access to the conference is £15 and £10. For those interested in simply attending the conference at this stage there is a membership free Conference Fee of £10.

Further details from the Open Labour website.

(Progressive Politics is not officially connected with Open Labour although the Editors share the organisations aims and objectives).


Welcome to the Progressive Politics website, a home for thoughtful, open and curteous political discussion and debate. Our Editorial statement provides a good introduction to what we are all about.

Since the 1970’s both the Right and the Left of the Labour Party have happily trashed those who championed the centre ground. Arguably, not since Robin Cook has a major political figure in Labour proudly self-identified with the ‘centre’ tag.

Today — with Labour more fragmented than at anytime in the past — it is time to revisit the centre. The centre ground is where Left and Right will meet. If we are serious in maintaining Labour as a broad church, which attracts broad support across the country, then making a case for the centre left is critical.

We also believe a commitment to Labour’s centre is also a commitment to a culture of open discussion and dialogue, free from the aggression and anger that is all too often seen on the net and in social media.

Progressive Politics is not a new movement or grouping within the Labour Party, rather it sets out to be a home of quality writing, a place for the exchange of ideas and analysis.

We welcome submissions. Submission guidelines can be found in the submissions menu at the top of the page.

Andy Howell & Trevor Fisher.