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From the Huffington Post, 9 2 18. report Paul Waugh


Momentum ‘Slate’ For Labour’s NEC Axes Veteran Ann Black

“The grassroots group Momentum is set to extend it influence within Labour with a ‘new generation’ of candidates for the party’s NEC, HuffPost has learned. Ahead of a fresh election for the ruling body this summer, the organisation has finalised its ‘slate’ for the nine constituency party places* on the NEC with some key changes in personnel.

“Momentum has withdrawn its backing for veteran activist Ann Black in protest at her vote to exclude 125,000 new members from Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership election in 2016. But Black, who was replaced as head of the party’s main disciplinary panel last month, has told HuffPost she wants to remain on the 39 strong ruling body….

” Another key omission from the ‘slate’ is Christine Shawcroft, a controversial leftwinger who  replaced Black only last month as chair of the NEC Disputes Sub Committee… She told HuffPost “I’ve done it for 19 years and I think we need to ‘open up’ the NEC to new people…

 “…According to a Labour source Rhea Wolfson has also decided not to stand for election again. Momentum swept the board in elections last month for three new local members, easily defeating ‘centrist’ candidates that included comedian Eddie Izzard..

” …The new Momentum list, which followed invites for applications from its 36,000 members, …. includes new candidates Huda Elmi, Nav Mishra and Anne Henderson. Existing NEC members Claudia Webbe, Jon Lansman, Rachel Graham, Yasmine Dar, Pete Willsman and Darren Williams are also on the slate.

“…Momentum’s fellow leftwing groups, the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) and Centre

Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA) are yet to decide their own slate. But given Momentum’s dominance, particularly in mobilising its huge numbers** in online elections, it looks likely to get its candidates in place.”

*the extra three places were agreed by the 2017 conference and elections were held at the end of 2017, results announced January 2018. Why when the party is short of money these three places have to be re-balloted is a puzzle. TF

** The numbers are bigger than other factions but given the LP has 560,000 members they have far less than 10%. Momentum’s asset is the poor organisational state of other groupings, TF


  1. On 16th March Labour List reported that Momentum scored a one in two success in Youth elections for key positions – Leigh Drennan was defeated by Miriam Mirwatch as Young Labour Chair, in an election in which some 7,000 Labour Youth voted. Miriam was recently Young Labour chair and is currently Young Labour disability officer.

    However in the crucial NEC post Momentum backed Laura McNeill was victorious though the system backed by Leigh Drennan in a previous rule change was not pure OMOV as votes in the Trade Union section are cast by union leaders rather than young activists themselves, who do not have to be balloted. However with Momentum gaining another seat over a candidate, Eda Cazimoglu who was backed by Labour Students, LGBT Labour and Jewish Labour Movement, the possibility of all 9 seats on the NEC going to Momentum backed candidates increases.

    Trevor Fisher

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