Brexit And Gibraltar – Cause for Concern

This is the full version of a letter (to The Telegraph) from the Labour MEP for the South West and Gibraltar Clare Moody. The consequences of the Brexit vote are now becoming clearer and the dangers more evident. The Brixiteers clearly have not understood the vulnerability of Gibraltar as they have failed to grasp other destructive consequence of Brexit.

It is notable and alarming that Michael Howard and other Tories called for war as a reaction to the alleged threat to Gibraltar, making the issue more than just the standard Brexit issue. There has been no war talk in Western Europe since 1945. This was an ominous first and makes discussion of the effects of continuing with the Brexit project more urgently necessary than ever.



Dear Sir,

It is the outcome of the referendum and the UK government’s actions since, that has put the interests of Gibraltar at risk post-Brexit. Equally Theresa May’s Article 50 letter completely overlooked the fact that the Government is also responsible for negotiating for Gibraltar, a deep concern not only for Gibraltar but for all British citizens that are relying on the competence of this government in the negotiations.

The remaining EU27 are predictably looking out for their own interests and now will only hear the Madrid government’s view as the UK is no longer at the table. This careless and totally unnecessary misstep by the Prime Minister did not go unnoticed by them last Wednesday.

I was shouted down in the campaign for employing Project Fear when I pointed out the problems that Gibraltar would face if the UK voted to leave. Spain was rightfully forced by the UK to open the border as part of their deal to join the EU. It is why that it was no surprise that 96% of Gibraltar’s population voted Remain.

The government has, belatedly, committed to standing up for Gibraltar’s interests, although Michael Howard’s comments have been incredibly counter-productive for the UK in these negotiations. We now need to see if May’s promises are met, the statement on Friday from the EU27 was a draft and we will find out if the reference to Gibraltar has been removed when we see the final statement is published. 30,000 Gibraltarians and many million other British citizens are depending on May delivering on all the promises she has made about what Brexit will deliver.

Yours faithfully, Clare Moody, Labour MEP for the South West and Gibraltar

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