February 20th 2017

From Left Futures

15th February 12 04 – Bill “My main concern is to keep the 300,000 [new members — Ed] together as a political force.. This might not be possible as some joined to fight a campaign to remain in the EU…”

15th February 2.76 – Rob Green “It is highly unlikely that Labour can win in 2020 unless it goes full socialist. In fact it is likely to be down to 40-50 M Ps but the good news is that those M Ps should be of the left persuasion and that will end the right’s sabotage via its dominance of the PLP. WE can rebuild from there if the party then adopts socialism as its political outlook”.

15th February 7 15. “I think it might be that bad, but sadly it is possible this may well be the case.”


Labour Left Wins Scottish NEC Elections

6th February

“The Labour Left in Scotland have won five of the eight places on the Scottish Executive Committee…. Campaign for Socialism is an autonomous left faction formed in 1994, originally to defend Clause 4. It holds the Momentum franchise in Scotland, branding itself as “Campaign for Socialism”…. its candidates are strongly pro-Corbyn…. The results are doubly significant because they represent a defeat for Kezia Dugdale, whose stranglehold on the SEC is now much weaker….”

[Note: Labour is now down to below 20% in the latest opinion polls in a country splitting between pro-and anti – union. On this issue Jeremy Corbybn has yet to make his views known — Ed.]

From Left Futures Left maintains stronghold: A report from the Scottish Young Labour Conference. 


February 17th

Scottish Labour Young Socialists (SLYS) Won the full executive committee slate at Scottish Young Labour conference this month

“…. the one thing we can never be accused of is a lack of optomism for the future…we voted for mandatory re-selection, to ensure that the representatives of our movement are just that, people trusted and chosen by our membership, the heart of the party…”

[Note: Mandatory reselection was pushed forty years ago by the old Bennite wing which these YS are too young to remember. It failed to win any elections for Labour. The problem for Labour in all parts of the UK is that we do not have enough representative. The Scottish youth are repeating the mistakes of the past and the poll ratings of 1983 should be sobering, as the Corbyn leadership are taking Labour back into the doldrums the old Bennites took the party to in the early eighties. Ed.]



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