Welcome to the Progressive Politics website, a home for thoughtful, open and curteous political discussion and debate. Our Editorial statement provides a good introduction to what we are all about.

Since the 1970’s both the Right and the Left of the Labour Party have happily trashed those who championed the centre ground. Arguably, not since Robin Cook has a major political figure in Labour proudly self-identified with the ‘centre’ tag.

Today — with Labour more fragmented than at anytime in the past — it is time to revisit the centre. The centre ground is where Left and Right will meet. If we are serious in maintaining Labour as a broad church, which attracts broad support across the country, then making a case for the centre left is critical.

We also believe a commitment to Labour’s centre is also a commitment to a culture of open discussion and dialogue, free from the aggression and anger that is all too often seen on the net and in social media.

Progressive Politics is not a new movement or grouping within the Labour Party, rather it sets out to be a home of quality writing, a place for the exchange of ideas and analysis.

We welcome submissions. Submission guidelines can be found in the submissions menu at the top of the page.

Andy Howell & Trevor Fisher.

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